God’s Divine Presence Online

Mabuhay at Mabuting Balita!

“In order to become a saint, in our case there is nothing very great required; all you have to do is keep the Rule.” — Saint Benilde Romançon

This blog is a continuation of my old blog site buzzram.multiply.com started in 2006. I wanted a dedicated blog site for the Daily Gospel Readings which I compile from various websites.  Originally, I wanted to name it as Parousia but the name was already taken.  I wanted a name that would mean God’s presence and after searching the Internet for Greek words, Shechinah was displayed by Wikipedia.  This name was also taken but Wiki gave other variants of the same name and WordPress accepted Shechina.  It means divine presence.

Fell free to refer and link this site to your friends and relatives, make comments and share insights.

Let this blog be a part of your day.


This ministry or apostolate of sharing the Gospel started in 24 July 2006.   I send the Gospel readings to over 500 friends and relatives daily via email.   A friend suggested that I also publish it in a blog site.   On 2 September 2006, I started to use Multiply.  Eventually, I added the reflections and articles on the lives of the saints.  Later, I felt the need to move it to a separate site used solely for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and related readings.  On my 55th birthday (2009), I started publishing the readings in WordPress — shechina.wordpress.com.  I am happy that, even when I am in some distant places abroad, I am able to continue publishing this blog.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.”
(Hebrews 11:1)

On its 10th year (2016) or 3,653 days later, I decided to update the title of this page to reflect the translation of the word SchechinaGod’s Divine Presence.

I pray to God that He will continue to give me the strength and other resources to continue this ministry of sharing and spreading God’s Word through the powers of social media and the Internet.  Starting this year, I also started to share quotes from Minute Meditations every morning, another small effort (spark) to spread the Light.

Even if I’m not the light, I can be the spark. — a Lasallian prayer.

NOTE:  Sources and links are properly indicated and acknowledged in this site and must always be indicated when citing or copying.



  1. I feel blessed just by receiving your feeds online. May God bring you blessings and pour forth his grace on you!


    • Thank you. God bless you, too.


    • Thank you.


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